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Tsur Richter-Levin, TRL Photography                               

Some people might think the object held in
Tsur Richter-Levin's hands is a camera!

In fact, it is a magical apparatus to freeze moments in life and so, whenever you yearn you can dive back to those moments.

Photography is an art. It is the documentation of the most significant moments in life. Photographs are memories that last forever. A gift with no expiration date.

Tsur Richter-Levin believes in photography from a different angle.
  • photography from a different angle - documents the exact moment
  • photography from a different angle - documents that moment from a humane point of view
  • photography from a different angle - without you noticing you're being photographed

Tsur Richter-Levin believes in getting to know you, and so to ensure you feel at ease in front of his camera.

"When the happy day comes" says Tsur "people are not embarrassed by the presence of the camera or me. They are familiar with me and their guard is lowered. This way I have their full collaboration, and capture the most exact expression of the emotional experience."

In the Event gallery you'll find an assortment of photos from a different and unique angle of various events, in which you can feel the ease and comfort between the camera and the "photographees". The Kids gallery reveals their curiosity to the presence of the camera. See how concentrated they are in being "unaware" and behave as if the camera is not there and not pointed at them. In most cases, Tsur will wait for as long as it takes to have the kid KNOW he is there with the camera, and catch his facial expression.

Portraits are a matter of personal promotion. In portrait photography Tsur is usually accompanied by a professional makeup artist, to enhance the portrait. Tsur Richter-Levin prefers outdoor portrait photography with natural sunlight and the green environment.

Portraits are not only of humans. You can invite Tsur Richter-Levin to take portraits of your favorite animal, be it a dog, cat, a medal winning race horse, or a pet caterpillar.

The Concert gallery presents expressions of Tsur Richter-Levin's unique points of view - Photography from a different angle. Tsur plays with the light in a delicate dance, creating complete harmony between the lens, the light and the photographed object. Amidst the clouds of smoke and the motion on stage Tsur captures the exact delicate moment of sensation. A documented split moment of purified emotions.

Tsur is an enthusiast hiker, and of course you will not catch him hiking without a camera. He documents people, animals and scenery - all from his unique special different angle. Some of those shots are part of his studies in 'Avshalom Institution of Israel Studies'. You can view some of his Avshalom Institution work here.

The Art gallery displays some of Tsur Richter-Levin photo creations. Photographs in this gallery are for sale in various sizes and printing methods.

You can purchase enlargements. For more details, please contact Tsur.

Photography by Tsur Richter-Levin



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