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A few words about me                      

Welcome to my web site. My name is Tsur Richter-Levin and my work is to capture your moments and memories, or in short, I'm a photographer.

I was born in Haifa and at the age of 10, armed with a small Kodak Instamatic camera, I took my first pictures of Haifa's streets and green environs.

I studied professional photography in WIZO Haifa and after that I worked as a multi-disciplinary photographer with a public relations company. For them I photographed corporate events, promotions, portraits etc. and on their behalf I was working with one of the largest industrial concerns in Israel.

In my military service I was appointed as a photographer to a military magazine, and upon my release from the service I headed to study cinematography in Beit Zvi.

In 1991 I took a career turn to computers, but kept my greatest passion - photography as a meaningful second occupation.

After a few years with computers I understood I'd rather pay full attention to my one real passion - capturing moments and memories for people. I do so with the state of the art equipment from Canon.

I use Canon professional equipment to shoot rock concerts and theater shows, corporate events, parties, portraits (formal/casual), kids & pets, nature and artistic shots.

I shoot things as I see them. From my 190cm height from which I look at the world, or from a very low angle, while stretching on the floor to get my special different angle. I don't believe in directing situations, people, kids or animals and don't think I should re-arrange nature to fit into my lens.

Photography was and always will be my greatest passion.

You can invite me to document and capture your moments and memories with my camera and heart, and I will always do so fully attentive to the people or the subject I photograph.

I am also a volunteer documenter for Kvutsat Shorashim and the Police Volunteer Rescue Units and a member of Canon ProClub, a professional club for photographers using Canon professional gear.

Volunteer PR photographer for Kvuzat Shorashim Group (a non profit association)

Volunteer PR photographer for Golan Rescue Team - A police volunteer rescue unit.

Member of the Canon Pro Club - A professional club for photographers using Canon gear.



Tsur Richter-Levin

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