Tsur Richter-Levin


Daphna Ben David, Life coach, BeMeezoog

Tsur is not only a great photographer and has a great eye to capture the moment he is a dear, kind and patient person. He knows how to bring the best out of you. I have hired Tsur on many occasions and will continue to do so. He is always professional, on time and he puts his heart and soul into his work. I recommend him highly. Tsur's pics of me are in my website

Asi Abergel, Singer/Musician

Couldn't believe that every concert I asked Tsur to document for me would end up with such an amount of good and usable photos. Glad you were invented.

Hadar Cohen, Singer/Musician

Tsur!!! You are one of a kind!!! I am SO happy that I asked YOU to document my concert!

Meron Lavie, VP R&D

Sometimes a photographer is judged not only by how well he himself photographs, but rather also how well his mastery of the subject enables him to help others improve their photographs. Tsur has that mastery and he has that ability to impart his knowledge to others. Both I and others I have referred to him have learned both about technique and equipment. I have always enjoyed viewing his work and thus learning from him - particularly photographs of events. He is certainly the photographer I would turn to photograph any important event I needed documented.

Shahar Hadar - Textura, words of love

Tsur certainly is photographing from a different angle, perpetuating singular and magical moments in his unique and accurate way. As the one in charge of photographing me (and my friends) I only have to thank you, Tsur, that I am beautiful thanks to you, and so are my memories.

Michael Ballak, Photographer (extraordinaire)

Wonderful photographs you have there.

Dorit M., attended Nature Photography Workshop as part of Creative Space 2010

It was such a unique experience, words cannot describe the atmosphere.
Anyone who was there won a workshop in nature scenery, led by an attentive and sensitive professional, who managed to pass his know-how in an unconventional way which made all photography lovers love it even more.
So long, and see you next year.



Tsur Richter-Levin
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